F.A.Q.Frequently Asked Questions

Many answers…

Bees are typically available to pick up AFTER the first week in May in Maine.  WE CALL, TEXT, AND OR EMAIL EVERYONE TO COME GET BEES.  Some customers have ordered back in November they get bees first.

Weather plays a large roll in when your bees are ready.

We we know everyone wants their bees immediately and we do our best to have them ready as quick as we can.


We have many stops along the East coast.  They are not always on a weekend, however we “try” to make that happen to a degree.

Deliveries can be sooner than the pickups in Maine but will mostly always be in May.  Again you will be notified with as much warning as possible but sometimes it’s short notice and we apologize.  Bee ready!!

Weather, Traffic, and waiting for people to show up at spots are all HUGE delays.  The last one can be avoided by you being at the spot waiting for us.  We send out our tracking information on the truck to you directly and you can pin point our vehicle as we drive towards you.  Adjust your trip so you are at the pick up spot ahead of time.

We have a very dynamic Honey Bee operation.  We are one of the ONLY operations that delivers bees outside of our home state of Maine.

Maine pickups are easy, right at our home in Buxton, ME.  If you are driving to us just set up a time to pick up your bees that works for both of us and we will get you on your way quickly.

Outside Maine Pickups

We have stops at set up points in every state from Maine to Florida.  We DO NOT come to your home, however in many instances we have strategic stops that are very close to you.

We also DO NOT charge you any extra for this service.  So why pay more?  I have been delivering bees along this route for many years and we keep adding more stops and more customers each year.

All orders outside of Maine will be contacted to discuss where you can meet us to pick up your bees.  We have live tracking on our vehicle that all customers have private access to.  You can actually see us driving down the road or see us stuck in traffic all on your cell phone.  Its amazing.

Our honey can be purchased directly by calling us and picking up in Buxton. 207-229-9125

The following retail establishments carry our honey for sale also:

Anderson Farms and Farmer’s Daughters Farm Stand – Waterboro, ME

Bow Street Market -Freeport, ME

Farm + Table – Cape Porpoise, ME

Frugal Farmers – Buxton, ME

Hannaford Supermarkets: From Skowhegan,ME to York, ME

Kings Farm – Gorham, ME

On The Vine – Scarborough, ME
Plummers Shop n Save – Buxton, ME

Simply Grown at Rocky Acres – York, ME

Smedbergs Farm – Oxford, ME

Snells Farm – Buxton, ME

Wells IGA – Wells, ME

York Corner Gardens – York, ME

Local restaurants using our honey:

Asian Taste Chinese Restaurant – Kennebunk, ME

Roots Cafe – Westbrook